The Lone Star DX Association, was founded in 1987 by a small group of DXers from the Fort Worth area to aid in the furthering the DX endeavors of each of its members. From this small beginning, the group has grown to and sustained over 150 members throughout Texas and the surrounding states. The LSDXA remains committed to the continuing support of its members DX activities and to the fraternity of amateur radio DXers throughout the world.

One of the primary activities of LSDXA is to hold regular quarterly meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss DX topics of interest and provide a form for presenting interesting DX programs and hosting DX personalities in an informal and personable setting.

The members of the LSDXA feels very strongly that one of the best ways to support and further the growth of amateur radio throughout the world is to provide financial backing to major DXpeditions. Virtually all of the LSDXA member dues is used to provide support to DXpeditions efforts.

Another important area of LSDXA support is the expansion and refinement of the network of DX Packet Clusters, the DXers #1 tool in the 90's. Many LSDXA members find enjoyment in sponsoring nodes and/or providing financial, technical, or material backing for the network that links dozens of nodes around the world.

LSDXA meetings are open to anyone with an interest in working amateur radio DX, or simply has an interest in listening to DX.


LSDXA Directors / Committee


LSDXA Board of Directors (Elected)

Position Name Callsign
Chief Director and President Rick Barnett N0RB
Information Director Virginia Smith NV5F
Activities Director Victor Paul WB0TEV
Secretary/Treasurer Mike Krzystyniak K9MK
Past President Dave Bernheisel N2DPF



LSDXA Committee (Appointed by Board)

Position Name Callsign
DXCC Card Checker Mike Krzystyniak K9MK
DXCC Card Checker Dave Jaksa W0VX
DXCC Card Checker George Huling K5GH
Reflector Vice-Director: Tim Pearson K5AC
WWW Vice-Director (Webmaster) Steve Jones WS5W
Chat Group Manager Kris Mraz N5KM
Clublog Manager Dan White W5DNT



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